In the modern corporate landscape, ensuring the health and well-being of employees has become a priority for companies oriented towards long-term sustainable success. FABO, a pioneering company in the manufacturing sector, is demonstrating how the integration of company projects can create an effective synergy between health and productivity, thanks to the support and expertise of professionals such as Dr Lara Callarelli.

The SIA (‘Salute In Azienda’ meaning Health in the Company) Project is rooted in this vision.


Health and well-being in the company: an indisputable necessity

The concept of health and well-being in the company is no longer just a trend, but an inescapable and indisputable necessity. Companies that invest in the health of their employees and collaborators experience a significant competitive advantage, because a healthy team means higher productivity, less sick leave and a cohesive corporate culture.


The fundamental role of massage therapy

One of the main pillars of this integrated philosophy is massage therapy, a discipline that combines therapeutic massage with joint mobilisation and muscle stimulation techniques. This practice aims to:

  • relax muscles, eliminate tension, areas of retraction and movement dysfunctions,
  • improve blood circulation,
  • promote the production of chemical mediators that reduce stress.

In the corporate environment, massage therapy can help reduce tension and anxiety, fostering an atmosphere of well-being in the workplace.


Posturology and kinesiology: balance for health and well-being

Further key elements include posturology and kinesiology.

While posturology focuses on correcting posture, ensuring optimal interaction of the body with gravity and correcting potential unfavourable and/or skeleton-damaging postures, kinesiology analyses body movements to identify abnormal motor patterns and encourage efficient adaptation of these patterns, respecting joint angles.

In the work environment, where employees often spend many hours sitting or standing, these approaches become crucial in mitigating the onset of musculoskeletal and postural discomfort. This is why it is important to work in the direction of physical well-being.

It is therefore the integration of these disciplines that helps improve posture and balance, reducing the risk of work-related pain and injuries.


Lara Callarelli, catalyst of the SIA project

The role of Lara Callarelli is an essential catalyst in this well-being project. With a degree in Exercise and Sport Sciences, a Master’s degree in Clinical Posturology and specific training in Massage and Manual Therapy, Lara is the professional chosen by FABO to promote physical well-being in the company (a true symbol of expertise and dedication to promoting physical health).

Lara has perfected her expertise in corrective and postural exercise, adapting it to a diverse audience, from children to adults, from athletes to senior citizens. As the founder of a training company in motor sciences, she has consistently invested in continuing education, enhancing skills and competences and developing individual work protocols based on detailed analyses of each individual’s physical functioning.



The future of corporate well-being

FABO has recognised the importance of uniting these disciplines in an integrated corporate health and well-being project: the SIA (Health in the Company) project. In collaboration with Lara Callarelli, the company is developing a programme combining massage therapy, posturology and kinesiology to improve the health and well-being of its employees.

Each employee can book personalised sessions with the doctor, who will be at in the company twice a month. In this context, each individual can receive targeted treatments to address his or her specific needs.

This project not only highlights FABO’s commitment to employee well-being, but also demonstrates the potential of integrating physical health practices into the corporate environment. While Lara Callarelli is at the heart of this synergy, the company is breaking new ground, proving that investing in the health of its employees can lead to significant results in terms of productivity and general well-being.

This is a tangible example of how focusing on health can be a winning strategic move, and FABO is marking the future of corporate well-being.


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