Creativity and passion,
the DNA of FABO

Founded in Tuscany, a land of excellence and innovation, today the company is an international leader in the self-adhesive tapes market, with its offer in over 40 countries worldwide.

Fabo SPA


Technological innovation and constant research.

The internal Research and Development Laboratory is the beating heart of product innovation with an on-going commitment to finding new adhesive solutions and applications.


Are you a packaging material distributor?

FABO is the flexible and specialised partner in supply of performing and reliable adhesive tapes: from finished products ready for distribution to semi-finished products for professional printers and slitters.


FABO Security Range.

The security of your packaging is our top priority. The FABO tapes and labels of the Security range reveal any attempt to open the parcel, leaving visible traces on the surfaces that have been tampered with.
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FABO photoquality print.

Tape portrait offers a photographic quality print for customised high-definition adhesive tapes with maximum detail.
Available on products with both acrylic and hot melt adhesive.