A wide range of reliable, effective and high-performance adhesive products.

Fabo offers high-performance adhesive solutions, realised using two technologies: acrylic and hot melt. Our tapes are designed to meet a wide range of manual and automatic application needs.

Products for packaging and palletising intended both for industrial applications and large-scale distribution, masking tapes suitable for the construction and for the DIY world, special adhesive solutions with protection purposes in industrial manufacturing, repair and fixing products for the DIY and graphic sector.


Adhesive tapes produced both with acrylic and hot melt technology to achieve the best performance in sealing any type of packaging.


Customised adhesive tapes with high-quality printing to communicate your message effectively.

Natural Gummed Tape- Water-Activated Tape

Natural gummed paper or Water-Activated Tape. Eco friendly, 100% recyclable, ideal for closing, sealing and labelling packages and boxes.


This tamper-evident line guarantees, to recipients and senders, the absolute protection of the goods and the security of sealed packages.


The tamper evident line that guarantees, for senders and recipients, an absolute protection of the goods and the safety of the sealed packages.

Repair and protection

Adhesive tapes, in various materials and with varying degrees of adhesiveness, suitable for reinforcing and repairing, packaging and protecting against scratches and damage.


Double-sided adhesive solutions indicated for various attachment applications from DIY to professional setting-up activities.

Reinforcement and Palletization

Reinforced adhesive tapes for closing heavy packaging and strapping tapes for palletising and packaging centres.

Printing material

The line of products for printing with high-performance tapes, with hot melt and acrylic technology, for the best printing results.


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