The security of your packaging is our top priority.

The FABO security range includes adhesive tapes and tamper-evident labels.

This tamper-evident line guarantees, to recipients and senders, the absolute protection of the goods and the security of sealed packages. With every attempt at opening the parcel, visible traces remain on the surfaces that have been tampered with.

Tamper-evident tape

The ideal tape for protecting valuable shipments. Also available in a customised printed version.

Tamper-evident label

The tamper-evident label guarantees security with every package. Available in standard and customised version, also with progressive numbering.

Fabo, manufacturer of security tapes and labels

The integrity of the packaging delivered represents an increasingly important and topical element, just think of the exponential growth of e-commerce, a phenomenon that at international level has permitted the sale of online products to exceed that of services (70% against 30%). In general, the number of goods exchanged with any carrier is rising sharply following the globalisation of the markets.
The security of the packages sent and received has become a major problem for companies.
As a manufacturer of adhesive tapes and solutions aimed at satisfying the different needs of our customers, the issue of shipping security is among our top priorities. The security of the packages sent and received has in fact become a problem of primary importance for companies, shipping companies and logistics. The FABO tapes and labels of the Security line are adhesive security solutions that reveal any attempt to open the parcel, leaving visible traces on the surfaces that have been tampered with. With the security solutions offered by Fabo, adhesive tape and tamper-evident labels, you can choose to protect and safeguard valuable content sent and confidential mail, thanks to the alert message that remains on the surfaces which have been tampered with, which reveals every attempt to open the parcel or letter that occurred during shipment.
The tamper-evident tape, Security Tape, is the intelligent anti-theft solution. This special adhesive tape guarantees, to senders and recipients, the absolute protection of the goods and the security of the sealed packages. Used for shipments of cardboard packaging with valuable contents or for letters containing private and confidential documents, it is applied like a normal adhesive tape but it allows to quickly discover any tampering, since in case of removal of the tape, evident traces remain with an OPEN VOID warning or alert message on the surface. The Security Tape is customisable in various colours (red, yellow, white, havana, green, blue), with the option to print logos and/or messages on the surface of the tape and also in the hidden text that appears after tampering.
It is effective in many industrial applications, logistics and shipping services and in all those sectors where security is a critical factor.
Tamper-evident labels, Security Labels, allow you to seal your packaging at critical points. In the event of an attempt to open the parcel or letter, then, like a security seal, they will clearly show evidence of this, leaving a visible message even if you attempt to re-seal the package. The use of these labels adds security to the conventional sealing of packaging and confidential mail, the Security Labels act like a security seal that effectively reveals any attempt to tamper with the packaging. Tamper-evident labels can become your unique and personal security seal thanks to the high level of customisation of the back of the label. On your customised Security Label you can insert: logos and images, QR codes and web addresses to social channels, barcodes and progressive serial numbers.


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