Masking tapes for decorating and painting with precision on all surfaces.

From general to more specific uses, the FABO masking line offers the most suitable solution for decoration and painting jobs.

The paper with hot melt adhesive for general masking uses is accompanied by the series of coloured masking papers, with water-based acrylic adhesive, suitable for specific uses in interiors and exteriors.


671 – WASHI YELLOW – Masking tape for indoor and outdoor use

The original washi, the Japanese rice paper, for professional results both indoors and outdoors
(up to 8 weeks). High UV and humidity resistance. Leaves no residue.

656-B – Professional masking tape for outdoor use

High-performance professional outdoor masking tape developed to ensure clean and precise
painting edges. Resistant to UV rays, high temperatures, water and weathering.

657 – Professional masking tape for delicate surfaces

Precision tape with low tack for particularly delicate surfaces, leaves no residue.
It provides extremely smooth, clean and sharp paint edges while protecting the surfaces to which it is applied.

Fabo, producer of masking tapes

The new line of Fabo masking tapes makes painting, varnishing and finishing jobs easier and faster both indoors and outdoors. From general to more specific uses, the Fabo line of masking products is able to offer the most suitable solution for decoration and light construction work.
The ivory paper tape, with hot melt adhesive based on thermoplastic rubber and hydrocarbon resins, is a product suitable for general indoor masking applications and do-it-yourself general purpose uses in the home and office.
The ivory paper tape with solvent-based adhesive is the ideal product for general masking applications, suitable for indoor masking operations on products to be painted and varnished. It does not release adhesive and is easily removable without the release of residues on the treated surfaces. Due to its reliability it is suitable for general DIY use and simple painting and varnishing operations.
FABO blue paper tape, with water-based acrylic adhesive and free of harmful solvents, is a product particularly suitable for masking in outdoor environments.
Its high resistance to UV rays and its good adhesion, even on slightly rough surfaces and fixtures, make it the ideal product for outdoor treatments. FABO tape in blue paper is easily removable for up to 2 weeks without leaving traces or residues on the surfaces, thus allowing more layers to be painted in a single masking process.
FABO tape in purple paper, with water-based acrylic adhesive and free of harmful solvents, is a product suitable for precise masking on particularly delicate surfaces.
Thanks to its “light” adhesiveness, this tape is the ideal masking solution on all those surfaces that require particular care when being treated: wallpaper, recently painted surfaces, glass, plaster and stucco. Its removal is a simple and above all residue-free operation, FABO purple paper tape is highly removable, for up to 2 weeks indoors. Thanks to its resistance to UV rays, the FABO purple paper tape can also be used outdoors.
FABO tape made of Japanese rice paper, free of harmful solvents, is the ideal solution for masking jobs that require professional results with maximum precision during the execution.
This tape is suitable for application on perfectly smooth surfaces both indoors and outdoors, thanks to its high resistance to UV rays. The adhesive tape material, in original washi paper, guarantees high-quality masking with precise and smooth edges. The tape can be easily and safely removed for up to 8 weeks, leaving no residue on the application surfaces.
FABO brand masking tapes are high-performance and reliable products for the professional and DIY light construction market and large-scale retail trade. Fabo, as a large manufacturer of masking tapes, offers masking solutions to distributors, printers, cutters, adhesive tape converters and construction companies built around individual needs: from cut and packaged products to semi-finished jumbo size products.


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